5 things you want to know about Internet Marketing

One of the most powerful and used resources in our society is the internet, and when I say internet I am including social networks, webpages, virtual advertisement, etc. Internet has the capacity of reaching thousands of people in just one second; it is crazy but really possible in our modern world thanks to all the technology advances, and since having such an excellent resource, people who own big market businesses or just a small business are taking advantage of it.

However, even when it is a powerful tool to work with, internet is changing all the time. Internet changes all the time just as people do, that’s the reason why it is not only about using it as a way of improving the reaching capacity of your business, but it is also about updating it and knowing that you are not the only one who had the same idea; there are millions of thousands of people who are actually doing the same.

It is not a secret that in the internet the competency is a real problematic; that when you just thought you had a great idea, someone else comes out with a better idea than yours. You don’t need to focus in what others are doing and thinking that what they are doing is too good to be reached, you actually need to focus on what they do but to do better than them not to get discouraged for what they are doing.

Some of the tactics you can take advantage of when competing with the vast internet marketing world is the famous “Guerrilla Marketing”. Guerrilla Marketing is basically an advertising strategy that is based in lots of low-cost, unique and fresh ways of publicity promoting a product or marketing ideas. This tactic yields maximum results using less resources and less time.


Here we have a compilation of the 5 things you want to know about Internet Marketing” that will surely help you to have more idea about the internet marketing and its ways of operation:




  1. Reach not only the local but the global.


Researchers have found that adding your business site to “Google Places” is a great way of starting a marketing plan. Basically it is a good option when wanting to make your business known, it shows the map, phone numbers, addresses and more ways of contacting your business; this will work even if you don’t have a web page yet, it will also show photos, business hours, and other list of things that are relevant in publicity.

With options like that you can not only reach a local population but a global population at the same time that will eventually bring more profitability to your business. In fact, if your business is just beginning, it will be a crucial factor if not the best way of introducing it to the market.


  1. Build your brand using accessible resources


It has been proved that in order for your company to hold profitability, you need to take advantage of social-media marketing that will help you to create a strong presence of your brand among it. One of the strategies so that can be a reality, is to create a buzz about all the products you offer, formats, prices, functions of them, it doesn’t matter what kind of products they are; for that you need to be creative, innovating new ways of relation with possible clients. Create a solid based of followers, start feeding the relationship, motivating them with creative and even funny posts; involve trending topics in them so people can be more familiarized.

Another important part is to create a link with people, send them gift cards, promotional coupons and whatever can make them stay happy and motivated about your brand, it is not all about selling but relationships with the buyers; once you win their attention you will have a massive success.


  1. Make of Guerrilla Marketing your friend


Guerrilla Marketing can take your business to places that you would not reach in any other way. People are attracted to unconventional, to new, to iconic and that’s exactly what Guerrilla Marketing is all about; it usually takes what’s trending at the moment, what’s new and use a way of involving the business brand and people, all in the same place, creating a big impact in both sides : Business’s and people’s.


  1. Be updated


As we mentioned before mixing trending topics with brand publicity can be a great idea of reaching people that’s the reason why you always need to be updated, be on vanguard. You need to take care of your site, always have it advanced, updated, use friendly designs, do researches about what’s the usual with what people feel more comfortable; when changing something In your site always think about clients, how will they feel? What will they say? Will it be the best for them?

Have present that a business without client equals to nothing, your priorities are your clients and creating a link with them. Do always what is best, walk the extra mile when making changes or innovations to your website, at the end it is your work platform!!

  1. Research

A good research is never too bad to increase your creativity and work ideas. You should not get disappointed by how other people is getting successful, but be inspired by them; it doesn’t mean you will steal their ideas or work according to what they do or in the way they do it, but you can always learn something about them.

It is always good to look, research and try to determine what other businesses are doing right and what they are doing wrong so you can create new ideas from their example and to make changes and not make the same mistakes they made. Look at them as clients and think in what are their possible failures, and from there you have a lot to do, do what’s good and threw away the mistakes so you don’t make them as well.





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