48 Hr. Fast Start

  • Fast Start Training
  • AllanWangMD.com
  • Be Prepared
  • Not everyone is going to see your vision or support your dreams
  • If someone isn’t doubting you, your goals are not big enough
  • MLM shines a light on who truly believes in you
  • Don’t be addicted to an outcome
  • Your first 48 hours
  • Make a list of 100 people you know
  • Call them, do not email anyone
  • Hey, just curious, would you be open to exploring a side project to make some extra income?
  • I don’t have time to get into all the details but I will send you this video.
  • Send them to SeacretWeapon.com
  • What NOT to Do…at First
  • Email anyone
  • Tell someone how great they would be
  • Think there is a shortcut to getting recruits through some mass advertising
  • Don’t do it your way until you get 10k a month
  • Think you do not have to attend company events
  • Details for the Fastest Cash
  • Superstar Bonus
  • Check the events tab in your backoffice and attend if possible
  • Do the things you would want your downline to do
  • Seacret Nation
  • Ask your upline to connect you with me or another leader
  • If you are on facebook, join my interactive group at allanwangmd.com/seacretgroup
  • When you bring reps in, have an upline leader or two welcome them and add them to the Seacret group on Facebook
  • Crafting your Why & Vision
  • The pain of what you are missing out on has to be larger than the pain of doing what it takes to succeed for you to do it.
  • The Real Deal With Money
  • The amount of money you make is dependant on the number of people you get to view a presentation.
  • You will always be able to tie your personal production with this number
  • There are certain activities that will greatly increase your chances of making money faster
  • Money (Continued)
  • Get no one to watch a presentation and focus just on passive marketing…Estimated Earnings: $0 for first 6 months, $500 for the year
  • Get 1 person per day watching a presentation…Estimated Earnings: $100-$3000 per month within 6 months
  • Get 2+ people per day watching a presentation…Estimated Earnings $500-$12,000 per month within 6 months
  • Want the Big Money?
  • Mark Yarnell says connect with 30 people per day for 12 months will get you to $100k a month
  • Hold the marker, make the most money..
  • The reality is this business will ebb and flow it is not always straight up
  • There is a big difference between (10) 1 year careers in MLM and (1) 10 year career
  • 97% of people that stick with one company for 3+ years experience a level of sucess
  • Suggested Resources
  • Mark Yarnell – First year in network marketing
  • George Zalucki – Profile of a Champion
  • Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich
  • Anything by Todd Falcone
  • Google “Ray Higdon _____”
  • Just Me
  • I am here for the long haul and am not going anywhere
  • If your upline quits, reach out to me
  • Stay consitent for a long time an you will have success
  • You are going to have overhead anyways…
  • To your success!

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