Work with Dr. Allan

My name is Dr. Allan Wang. I went to Medical School in New York and completed my Internal Medicine Residency in Los Angeles. Working as a physician was fulfilling, but I found I was drained physically and emotionally at the end of the day.  I was stuck trading time for money and was looking at other options to ease my schedule. I was looking for a way to generate a passive income.

My best friend, Jenny Shin, introduced me to Seacret. Jenny has been extremely successful in international businesses in many countries and I respected her advice a lot. I met with Dr. Feibi Liu (Million dollar a year Med Spa owner), Dr. Christopher Ho (UCLA Professor of Dermatology), Josh Denne (7-figure earner) and the CEO  and learned about this business and was blown away. I learned that Seacret is a one billion dollar skin care line sold full price in 900 malls and 44 countries since 2005 and we were going to be able to offer the same products at a fraction of the retail price. Furthermore, all these products were designed and manufactured by the #1 skin care manufacturer in the world and were made to show results with one free sample. Lastly, we were at the forefront not only being first to bring this new business model locally but internationally to every country around the world as well.

This has been one of the best decisions I’ve made both financially and for my personal growth. My best weekly paycheck in Seacret was more than what I make as a doctor and I did not sell a single product that week.  That is the power of passive income and Seacret.



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