Welcome Australian Candidates!

Welcome Australian Candidates!

(see http://www.allanwangmd.com/pdf/australia.pdf for details)

SEACRET is an international business that has spread to more than 40 countries around the globe. With its affiliate partners, it has more than $1 billion in retail product sales.  The company has become one of the largest distributors of Dead Sea skin care, with its products formulated in the largest manufacturing plant in the world, right next to the shores of the Dead sea.  All of this has been accomplished in just the few years since SEACRET was born in 2005.

SEACRET has entered the MLM industry in May 2011 in the United States and have since produced dozens of 6 and 7-figure earners.

The Story of Seacret http://www.allanwangmd.com/pdf/story.pdf

The Seacret Compensation Plan http://www.allanwangmd.com/pdf/compplan.pdf

Details for Australian Agents, Founder and Pre-launch Agent Benefits and Bonuses http://www.allanwangmd.com/pdf/australia.pdf

Watch the videos below for more company details.

 1. Watch this Video

2.  How to make Money with Seacret

seacret weapon

For More information on Seacret Visit the Official Site at www.SeacretWeapon.com

Catch the momentum that has made dozens of 6 & 7 figure earners. But don’t take my word for it…see what others have to say…

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How We Can Work Together

Enrollment for the pre-launch of Seacret Direct into Australia is NOW OPEN. Goto http://www.AllanWangMD.com/au or https://seacretdirect.com/usa/en/au/join/au/signup to lock in your position.

OR Fill out the application below and send to allan@allanwangmd.com (or just send the necessary information)

(323) 529-3233


Skype ID: allanwangmd

Fill Out and Submit the form below to Discuss How We Can Work Together

Seacret Direct Australia Customer Support and Office

ABN 95 161 234 779

1-3 Freighter Road
Moorabbin Vic 3189
Ph: 1300 4 SEACRET (1300 473 227)
Email: customer.service.manager@seacretdirect.com.au
INTERNATIONAL: + 613 9111 0047

Australia Founders
Melbourne Founder Mike Telan
Sydney Founder Irene Ng
409 375 466
Marcoola Qld Founders Wayne & Nicole Connell (Owners and Moderators for the Seacret Direct Australia Facebook Group and International Direct Sales Leaders)
Mount Martha, Victoria Founder Sharon Raine
Melbourne Founder Bernadette Akdogan

Narre Warren Founder Peter Boswell

Melbourne Founder Teresa Holcombe
0419 130 094
Australian Founder Fiona Angus (Los Angeles/Brisbane/Melbourne)

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