Training Resource Page

Seacret Direct Training Resource Page

Step 1 – Add Yourself to my Seacret Direct Training & Event Email List Below

*Subscribe to our Seacret Agent mailing list

* Be sure to join our group on Facebook (Seacret Direct Members Only!) to keep in touch with your team and to ask any questions online to our group – Seacret Facebook group

*Connect with me on Facebook and message me anytime – Allan Wang Facebook

Step 2 – What to do in Your First 48 Hours…MAKE YOUR LIST!

Your list will bring you success.  NOT making your list will guarantee failure.  Make a list of as many people as possible with Name, Phone Number and Email.  Then, contact your sponsor or myself at (323) 529-3233 to schedule a strategy session.

Fill Out the Blue Print Worksheet:

*Continue to add people to your list.
Prospecting: Building and Adding to your List of People

As long as your list is continually growing, you will succeed as you will never run out of people to talk to about Seacret Direct. Here are some perfect places to meet people.

Where do I meet more people?  Find out where exactly to meet new people for your business here on this page…

#How to Prospect from

#How to Prospect from

Step 3 – Recruiting

Ready for the next Step? … hit the play button and listen to the Fast Start Training and learn the 3 Skills to Mastery!!

*Learn to invite your prospects to see an exposure.  Continue to invite them to a different exposure until they give you a hard YES or NO.  As long as they are saying maybe or asking questions, continue to show them a new exposure.

Use the invitation script over the phone or in person to see if your friends/cold contacts are open to seeing this business at

Want more ideas of what to say?  Check out these other sample scripts

Want some ideas how to deal with people’s objections (i.e., I have no money!  I have no time!  This is a pyramid!)?  Check out…

#How to Deal with Objections using Mini-objection Handlers

#How to Posture and Maintain your Value

#How to bring Up your Business and Ask a Closing Question

Follow up and CLOSE using the scripts at  Keep track of who you need to talk to and when you need to talk to them next using a calendar and write down what exposures you have already shown your people on your list.

# How to Recruit Using Exposures

*Exposure type 1 – Home Party (Spa Party/Wow Party/Fast Results Party)

-Fast Results Party Demo is explained at

-Official Seacret Direct WOW! Party is explained below in this video.

WOW! Party Training: December to Remember from SEACRET Official on Vimeo.

*Exposure Type 2 – Website Presentation “Check out this website and get back to me.  Let me know what you think.”

http://www.UltimateHomeBiz.NET Seacret Presentation Mon.-Sat. 7pm PST

*Exposure Type 3 – 3-way conference call

Introduce your friend to someone else in Seacret including your upline, downline or sideline.  Edify them (talk great things about the person in Seacret helping you), text the Seacret agent you are about to call, and then 3-way conference call for the Seacret Agent to edify you back, explain the company and answer their objections.  You can call Dr. Allan anytime at 310-346-9888.

*Exposure Type 4 – Starbucks meeting

Show them a couple products, figure out their why and offer them the solution.  Give them a 60 second overview of the company and invite them to another type of exposure.

*Exposure Type 5 – Tools

Show them a Seacret Magazine or loan them a Seacret DVD.  Need a magazine or DVD?  Call me at 323-529-3233 for a copy. Show them before and after pictures on your phone, iPad, or facebook fan page.

*Exposure Type 6 – Meeting with your upline in Person or over Skype

This is the same as type 3 but done in person with someone else in Seacret to help you recruit.

*Exposure Type 7 – Biz opp meeting (Seacret Open House)

Build up how great the Seacret Open House is and invite your prospect.  You can see where you local event is by going to the event section in your back office.  Invite prospects to see a weekly meeting (like Seacret Univeristy), monthly regional conference or national conference.

Step 4 – Duplication: Train Your Team to Become Successful

Send your team to this page at 

#How to Build in a Binary Compensation Plan

#How to Become a Leader

#What to say to New Recruits

Step 5  Mindset: Stay motivated and Continually Grow and Develop as a Leader

Attend all company events and meetings to grow and to inspire your team to come as well.  Goto your back office, hit “Events” in the menu and “Calendar”.

Check out these great books…

Your First Year in Network Marketing

21 Laws of Leadership

#How to Believe in Yourself when Nobody else does

#What to do When you Feel Like Quitting

#How to control your emotions

#Why Do you need to plug in to your company training?

FAQ – How do I change my Autoship/Package? What is the customer number?  What is my password? Etc….

Additional Resources

– Awesome Seacret Direct Before & After Pictures

– How to order Marketing Supplies 

Order Business Cards for Cheaper 

How to Recruit from the Cold Market – 5 Videos


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