Top 10 Stupidest things Network Marketers Say

Top 10 Stupidest things Network Marketers Say

1. “You could make a 6 or 7-figure income next year!”

Yup, anyone could possibly make a 6 or 7-figure income in MLM with no experience or team to bring over just like it’s possible for anyone to get a perfect score on their SATs.

2. “We are ground floor!  You are at the top!”

…Because Antarctica is wide open for you to become the master distributor.  Isn’t it awesome how no matter how old a company is or how many distributors they have, they always seem to be ground floor?

3.   “Our stuff is the best!  Everyone wants it and uses it.  It sells itself!”

It’s amazing how there are 1000s of MLMs each with the best product in the market.

4.  “We have patents.”

Neato.  Wild how every MLM makes a patent on something even if it’s just a spin off of another MLM it broke off from.

5.  “I work directly with the top people.”

Like going to the national convention and taking a picture with them?  Maybe the top earners run the recruiting and training events, like every single MLM in existence.

6.  “I am at the top.”

…I just don’t make any money.

7.  “I made $90,000.”

…I just can’t get it out because it’s accruing “interest” in my MLM account.

8.  “I made $90,000.”

…even though my life doesn’t reflect it except for the expensive belt I bought with a giant logo on the buckle.

9. “I will do all the work for you.”

…except the parts that take effort, calling or meeting people or recruiting or training or any of the stuff I have no real clue how to do like make money.

10.  “You never have to bother your warm market, call people, or anything.”

Making money is optional too.

There are 2 Ways to Make Money in MLM

1. Join and quit multiple MLMs to build a database of network marketers, and hopefully a few of the leaders will follow you to your next company.

2.  Learn Real Marketing Skills and reach out to the right demographic that wants what you offer.

If that is you…enter your info below and work with REAL marketers that understand offline and online marketing and true country founders.


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