Teleprospecting Scripts

Hi is Bob in? How are you doing? This is Allan from Los Angeles, CA. You were referred to me as someone who may be looking to create some additional income for yourself from home. Is that still correct?

Hi Ben, This is Allan giving you a call from Los Angeles.
I understand you are looking for a way to creat extra income for youself from home, is that correct?

Well cool, am I catching you at a good time to chat for a couple minutes?

Great, well what is it you do for a living currently?

Great, well Be, you sound like a great guy. You sound like someone I would love to work with. The first thing we need to do is get you some information in your hand so you can make a relaxed and informed decision. The first thing is taking you to a quick 10 minute over view call. Do you have 10 minutes?

Hey Bob, Brian and I were chatting the other day. Brian and I are working on a new business project together. I asked him who he knew knew that were the sharpest people who were go get ‘em type guys and you were the first guy on his list and he said we gotta call Bob. And Bob, I got a simple question for you. Do you keep your options open at all in terms of making any money outside of what you are currently doing as an accountant?

How long have you been an accountant? Listen, we would like to get some information to you about what we are doing with this company. Perhaps you and Brian can make some money together. I can show both of you how to make some money.

Chicken List:
Up the socio-economic chain
Hey Joe, Allan. Hey Joe, listen, I got a favor to ask you. First of all, I have a tremendous amount of respect for you as a business professional you’re incredible successful, I aspire to be as successful in my life as you’ve been in yours and quite frankly I would just value your opinion. I’ve gotten myself involved in a brand new business I’m very excited it and I would really love it Joe if you would just do me a favor and take a look at some information about what I am doing and kind of give me your honest feedback and tell me what you think about it.

Purchased Lead:
Hey Bob, Allan here from Los Angeles. I’m getting back to you. You responded to some information of mine on the Internet and you had expressed some interest in creating additional income for yourself. Is that still correct?

No – bye.
Yes – Well great am I catching you at an okay time to chat for a couple minutes?
No – Okay great, no problem. When is a better time for me to get back to you?

Yes – Well, Bob what do you do for a living? How long have you been unemployed? I’m sorry to hear that. What kind of work were you doing? Have you been looking for work? Are you looking for a job or a business? I don’t offer jobs, I help people become self-employed at home.

How long have you been looking for a business? Have you looked at a number of businesses? What kind of businesses have you been looking at? Well Bob, how come you haven’t made a decision yet? What’s holding you back? Have you just not found the right thing? What specifically is it that you might be looking for?

What do you do for a living? Cool, I used to sell advertising. How long have you been doing that? So what’s got you hunting around for a business? Well Bob, Let me ask you a question

Well Bob, you sound like a great guy. Sounds to me like you are obviously serious about getting yourself engaged in something. The next step here is getting information in your hands about what we do so you can make a relaxed and informed decision and we can find out if we make a good math. Does that sound fair?

Bob, what is it that you like the most about what you do? Is there anything that you don’t like about what you are currently doing?
Well Bob, let me ask you a question. What type of income are you accustomed to earning?
Bob, let me ask you this, If I could show you a business that would enable you to have the same kind of independence you currently have if not more that what you currently have. To work with people doing some of the same stuff you are doing so that you still have the joy of working with people without having to deal with the red tape and you can take vacations whenever you want to take vacations and you have a lot more freedom and you could make 85 to 90 grand a year, is that something you’d be serious about investigating?

Look Bob, I’m calling you, you responded to some information online on the internet about making money from home. Is that still correct?
I don’t know – Well, let me rephrase the question, Bob, are you looking to make money from home, yes or no?
I don’t know– No problem Bob, I’m going to go ahead and let you go.

What’s the business? / cut to the chase – Yah Bob, I can absolutely cut to the chase. Bob, what I’m looking for are quality people that are looking to create change in their life that are willing to work for it. Is that you?
Well what is it? – Bob, I’d be happy to get into the business in a moment but first I want to ask you a few questions before we get into that.
What’s the name of the company- I’ll get to that in a sec, but let me ask you a few questions first.

How much does it cost?-Well Bob, it’s not going to cost you anything to take a look at the information. OR How much is what going to cost you Bob? First of all Bob, you don’t know anything about the business and I don’t know you yet and I don’t just spue out information about my business before I at least spend a couple minutes getting to know somebody and whether it was a buck of 10 grand it wouldn’t matter right now because you know nothing about the business.

Leave a message –
Bob, Allan here Los Angeles, listen I’m sorry I missed you. I understand that you are a very sharp guy that you might be looking for a change in your financial future I run a company and I’m expanding that company into Dallas as we speak. And I’m looking for a couple key leaders in that area to help me expand company. Give me a call back as soon as you can before we fill in these spots. Here’s my number (leave twice, 1800 number)

Hi Bob, this is Allan I’m calling your regarding the current status of your bank account. Please call me right away 18005551212. Take care.
-Great, I’m glad you got back to me right away, First of all, let me tell you, I’m not with your financial institution. Let me tell you why I’m calling. You had asked some information from me and had expressed some interest in creating change in your financial future. In other words I’m calling to change the current status of your bank account by helping you to put more money in your bank account. Are you still open to doing that?

3-way calling:
Same Level/Peers
Hey Bob, this is Brian. How’s it going? (chit chat) Hey Bob, listen, I’m calling you for a very specific reason. Got a couple minutes? Listen, I got myself involved in a brand new business I’m very excited about it. Something that I’d be doing very aggressively and I got a business associate on the line that I want to introduce you to. He’s a partner of mine in this business and I just wanted you guys to say hi real quick. You got a couple minutes? Listen I got my friend Todd on the phone, Bob meet Todd and Todd meet Bob.

What is it?
Well listen, I actually have an audio CD that I want to get to you. I will drop by your dealership. OR There is a website presentation. OR any tool

Well, Jan let me ask you something real quick, I know you don’t know me but is there anyone that comes to mind in your sphere of influence that might be looking for a really fun powerful business to get themselves involved in?

That’s cool. Let me ask you this, who do you know that’s super sharp that might be looking for a business opportunity a way to create financial change in their life?

Not a problem bob, who do you know hwo might be really good at this business if they were to do it? Who do you know that ‘s really health conscious that would love to be in a cool nutritional health company like we got.
Who do you know that would like to make some extra money? Who do you know that is interested in entrepreneurship? Who do you know that’s really sharp? Who do you know that loves to make a whole bunch of money?

Is tammy in, Hi tammy this is Allan Los Angeles, How are you doing?
Hey listen tammy, we don’t know each other but I was having a conversation with your friend bob yesterday and I’m in the process of expanding a company and I was just having a little chat with bob and he just raved about you and said you were the greatest woman and super sharp and really good at what you do and thought you might be a great candidate for the company I’m expanding. Do you have a couple minutes to chat?

Listen we you gave me a referral Janet and she is starting the business. Would you like me to take her or would you like to make an income off of everything she does? Would you like to be on top of her organization or would you like to me to take it?

Hey, I’m looking at your smiling face at Caldwell Banker (website), I’m in the process of expanding my business in Utah area. I love working with super sharp people like yourself. I got a simple question for yourself, do you at all keep your options open in making any money outside of what you are currently doing?

Realtors, insurance agents, sales people etc.:
View about me on website-
Basic-Hi is Jan in. Hi Jan this is Allan from Los Angeles, Hey jan, listen I’m looking at your smiling face on your website (pause), with Caldwell banker, I was doing a little surfing on the internet and happen to stumble across your website and I’m expanding my company locally here in the Seattle area. I’m an entrepreneur and I love working with super sharp people. I have a very simple question for you and Jan that is do you at all keep your options open in terms of making any money outside of what you are currently doing as a real estate professional?

Hey Jan, Allan here in Los Angeles, I’m a business owner here an I’m in the process of expanding my companies down there would love to chat with you when you get a free moment if you could give me a call I would appreciate that.

Jan I glad you gave me a call back. I’m expanding my company locally here in the Seattle area. I’m an entrepreneur and I love working with super sharp people. I have a very simple question for you and Jan that is do you at all keep your options open in terms of making any money outside of what you are currently doing as a real estate professional?

People you meet:
What do you do? That’s really cool, I work with a lot of realtors. Do you keep your options open at all when it comes to making extra money? Well, why don’t you give me your card and I’ll give you a buzz.
Hey mike, Allan, how’s it going? Listen, we were chatting at the gym earlier you said you were willing to take a look at something. You know obviously you are a sharp guy and I know you are in real estate, you gotta be on your game…

Well Bob, you know I actually work with entrepreneurs I work with lots of people I work with people looking to get out of their current line of work and I teach people how to become completely self employed to be able to work from the comfort of their home walk away from an existing job and still create the type of income they were generating working for someone else but do it for themselves.
Do you know anybody that might be interested in something like that?

Follow-up calls:
(Conversation, watch website video) Bob let me ask you a question, that’s a quick overview on our company, gives you a little gander into what we do, kinda gives you a clear idea of what we do you probably don’t have all the answers at this point. But, let me ask you a question if you were to rate yourself right now on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 uh uh I’m not interested and 10 Allan right now I’m ready to get going Where do you see yourself?
10-Great well let’s get you singed up. Here are the options
9- bob well let me ask you this, why are you a 9. What’s it going to take to get you from a 9 to a 10?
Another website, answer questions etc. Are you online right now?
Great are you there? See where it says click here, then watch compensation video tells you how to get paid and step 3 is there as well.
Follow up with email– Great chatting with you, just wanted to make sure in case you didn’t get to immediately get to watch the movie here it is again.

OK cool, it’s going to take you about 45 minutes to get through all the information, when are you going to invest the 45 minutes so that you and I can talk intelligently about whether or not this makes sense for you and how we do what we do should you decide to do the business.
Ok great bob, I got a couple openings where I can get to you tomorrow night I can call you at 6 or at 7:30 which one is going to be better for you? Perfect, I’m putting you on my calendar I’m going to be calling yout tomorrow at 7:30. Am I calling you at the same number? When I call you tomorrow at 7:30 I’ll be ready to answer questions about the business and the other information you took a look at. If something comes up between now and 7:30 you’ll give me the professional courtesy of giving me a telephone call letting me know you can’t make it won’t you. I understand things come up and that’s totally cool if there is some reason you don’t get a chance to get to the website probably not a good time for us to chat then or if you get to the website and you decide you know what I don’t want to do this that’s cool too because this is a totally volunteer sport you’re gonna do this because you like it like I did and you wanna do it or you don’t and I can’t pressure you into it so there’s some good news there as well. But you can give me a phone call and you will give me a phone call if something comes up won’t you?
Hi bob Allan. Getting back to you, Did you get a chance to watch the website? how did you feel about what you saw?
I have questions – super. Well what kind of questions do you got? 3-way call with upline expert if not expert yet

Leave message – Hey bob, Allan 7:30 getting abck to you we had a scheduled time to talk. So here’s my number. I hope to goodness nothing happened to you. Because yesterday you told me you were looking to create some serious financial change in the quality of your life and put your kids in a better school and move out of the neighborhood you are living in and I’m sure that has not changed in the last 24 hours I hope you didn’t get into a car accident or something. Hope you are doing alright listen here’s my number. … have a great day! (no call back, delete)

3-way call
Hey bob, can you hold on for a quick sec., (fill in your upline about prospect before connection, 15 seconds only) bob you back with me, listen I was just able to a successful business associate of mine he’s very busy but he is also very good at what he does he is one of our key leaders and one of our key trainers in our company and somebody you’d be working with personally as well. And I thought It would be a great idea for you guys to meet each other. Andy Bob, Bob Andy (and then shut up)
Bob how’s it going? Listen, Andy just told me you are taking a look at our business and you might have a few questions what have you had the chance to take a look at? Awesome, what do you do for a living? Great, do you have any questions I can address for you?

Are there any more questions you have bob? Great, well let’s get you started.
Bob let me tell you how you get started in the business. There are 2 options. You can start out with the $49 kit. That gets you in the business. That’s the basic way to get started. The right way is called the power pack and the power pack is $400. It includes this this and that. And also puts you in the position of earning immediate residual income. And then you have the super power pack. Well how do you see yourself getting started? This is what I recommend, the only way for you to get started if you are really serious about building this business is the power pack it’s $799 and the autoship is $100 a month. How do you want to get started?
There’s the slow way and the fast way, how do you want to go? Well then that’s the power pack.

Great let’s go ahead and get you going. What’s your mailing address? Ok what’s your social? Super, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover?

Answering Machine Message:
Hi you just reached the office of Allan. I’m either on the other line or away from my desk. However, your call is very important. If you would, please leave a message at the tone including your telephone number even if you think I might have it . I will return your call just as soon as possible. Make it a great day. Talk to you soon.

Email Draft Files:
It was great chatting with you. I mentioned I would drop some information and here are some links

Move from script to agendas:
Introduction opening question
Hi is bob in, …is that still correct?

Asking for permission to continue
Ok time to chat for a couple minutes

Probing and qualifying
What do you do for a living?

Taking through information gathering process
Sounds successful and ready to get going…informed relaxed decision. Does that sound fair?
Cd, tape, website 1 on 1, etc.

Taking their temperature
Did you have a chance to look at the website, rate 1 to 10 where do you see yourself?

Closing or booking follow-up and getting them more information


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