1. Login


CLICK “LOGIN” link in the upper right hand corner & Enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD and CLICK the blue Login buton

***Did you already forget your USERNAME and PASSWORD?? (No, your teammates and upline do NOT have your username and password and cannot access it for you.)

OPTION 1: Search the email you used for “SEAcretDirect” and you will find a WELCOME E-mail from Seacret Direct that has your USERNAME and your PASSWORD

OPTION 2: Get your Username and Password E-mailed to you by clicking Login in the upper right hand corner again and hitting “Trouble Logging In?” blue link below the box where you enter your Username and Password and it will bring you to an online form to get your username and password e-mailed to you.

OPTION 3: Call 1-877-680-9622 and Ask Customer Support for your Username and Password


As soon as you Login, you will see Jump Start.  There will be a series of pop-ups that has introduction videos from the CEO and company, areas where you can fill out your goals and import your email contacts from all your e-mail addresses.

DO NOT skip this step.  Your upline will be able to see how much you have gone over and if you filled out your goals and imported your contacts or not.  This is the MOST IMPORTANT step to your success.  If you skip this step, you are headed towards failure and will quit.

*IMPORT ALL YOUR contacts when it prompts you to do so.  If you skipped this step in Jump Start, you can Login later and goto “My Business” in the top left of your back office top menu & Select “My Communication Center” at the bottom of the drop down menu.

*Message your top 20 contacts:  Login first. Goto “My Business” in the top left of your back office top menu & Select “My Communication Center” at the bottom of the drop down menu.  You will see a list of contacts you imported.  Select the blue “Message” button to the far right of a contact.  In the top next to “Message:” select “An Opportunity For You” and hit the “Send Message” button at the bottom left.  Repeat for your top 20 prospects.


Login.  Select “Training & Tools” in the Top menu of your back office and Select “SEACRET Agent Bootcamp”.  Watch EACH and EVERY video in order.  These are vital fundamentals to your success. Skipping this step will ensure your failure and you will proclaim you will want to quit within 3 months.

 ALL DONE with Steps 1-3?  Ready for some ADVANCED TRAINING?  


Want to Know how to make the BIG MONEY in the MLM Industry?

Read the Kindle eBook The MLM Pathway on your iPhone/iPad/PC/Mac FREE Kindle Reader App/Program 


1.  I don’t know how to….?  I don’t understand …?  My Website Doesn’t work.  How can I …?  I can’t login.  How do I…?

Call Customer support 1-877-680-9622 or for less wait time LOGIN, Click Support in the Upper Right top Menu and Select “Live VIP Chat Support ONLINE”

2.  How do I sign up an Agent onto my team?

Goto USERNAME) and follow the instructions at

3.  How do I sign up a Preferred Customer

Goto USERNAME) and follow the instructions at

4.  How do I turn on my Autopship/Replenishment so I can become active and make money?

LOGIN. CLICK “Replenishments” in the top menu.  Click the Green “Setup A New Replenishment” button in the top right corner. Click “Add to Order” Orange Button under the package you want to get and then Click the “Save Order” orange button to the Right Bottom Corner of the Pop-up menu (Yes, it’s there).  You can select individual products by selecting a differenct category in the menu to the RIGHT of the pop up box and looking for the product you want.  You can select any products as long as the total is 35BV.

5.  How do I order a Middle or Large package so I can qualify for the Superstar Bonus to get a Bonus check and Higher Commissions?

LOGIN. Click “Shop” in the top menu.  Click “AGENT VARIETY PACKS” (or “UPGRADES” if you got a small package and want to upgrade) and click on the Blue link under “NEW Premium Set” or “New Special Agent Set” to get a Middle or Big package, Select “Add To Bag” orange button at the bottom, and hit the orange “Checkout” button at the top.

6.  What videos do I show people to learn about what I’m doing? (Don’t try to explain it on your own.)

Details of the business plan are at

To see how we get paid watch:

See the CEO explain why we will be #1 in the world:


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