Recruiting Script

1. Hi, is (NAME) in?

2. Hi this is (First Name, Last Name).  How are you?

3. I saw your resume…/You were referred to me from…/I saw your ad…/I met you at…/I got your business card from…/I heard a lot of great things about you from…

4.  Tell me about yourself..

Where are you from? How long have you lived there? What do you do there?

What industry are you in?  How long have you worked there?  What do you like best about it? Is there anything you don’t like about it?

Do you have family in the area?

What do you like to do for fun?

5.  I got introduced to this company by a successful friend and since then I’ve met great people and been able to make extra money in my spare time.   I wanted to see if you were open to working on a business project.

6.  This is a skin care brand manufactured by the #1 Skin Care Company in the World which does about 20 billion a year in sales.  They have done retail in 800 locations in 40 countries including the Grove and the Westfield century city mall and changed their business plan in May 2011 so that we can all make money.  Are you open to making money on a side project?

7.  Ok great.  Well, the best way to learn about this company and all the details about how we get paid is by going to our website.  What is the best way to get that website to you?  Text me your email address.

8. Great, I will send that today.  It takes about 2o minutes to watch that video.  When do you think you will have a chance to watch it? (email

9.  Great, I will call you after that and let me know if this is a match for you or not, either way it’s not a big deal.

10.  Talk to you later!


DEMO Nail Buffing Block

DEMO M4 Magnetic Mask

DEMO Mineral Peeling Gel

DEMO Green Line Eye Serum, Eye Cream, Face Serum, Face Cream

SHOW Before and After Pictures on Phone or Magazine or Ipad or Computer or Flipchart

CALL your upline for 3rd party validation and put them on speaker phone or hand the prospect the phone

1.  Hi.  This is (First Name, Last Name).  Did you get a chance to watch the video?  What did you think?


It’s not for you?  That’s fine, do you know anyone that is looking to make more money?

No time? I feel what you are saying, I felt the same way being so busy, but what I found was that this was a way for me to build a residual income so that I could free up more time.  Come to our next event at….and get more information.

No money?  Well, this could be a way for you to make extra money.  Come to our next event at….and get more information.

Pyramid? What do you mean by that?  No, this is an $800 million dollar company backed by the #1 Skin Care Company in the World.  They wouldn’t do a scam.  Come to our next event at….and get more information.

Why is this skincare line any different? This is the number one skincare company in the world. They own Lancome, Kiehls, Body Shop, Armani, Polo, Redken, Maybelline, and 500 other brands. This is their most premium formulary they make.  It already sells 100 million dollars a year in stores at full price and we get to offer it for half the price on the internet.

How is this different than other MLM companies?  We are sold full price in 800 malls in 40 countries at full price and we get to sell it for half the price.  We are also new and health department in 40 countries and will expand globally.


This is the #1 Skin Care company in the world.  They own 80% of the market including Lancome, Kiehls, Body Shop, Redken, Maybelline, YSL, Polo, Armani and 500 other brands. This is the most high end formula they manufacture and our products are designed to work with 1 free sample in 60 seconds.  We get to sell these products at half the price on the internet.  Anyone you refer, you will get 20% of their weekly checks as a bronze director.

You get a free website where people will buy from it and you get commission every week, you get all the products wholesale, and you locks in your position so that the next person I bring on board will be under you helping you to make money…you get all this for $49 (Show them the Join Now portion of the website or a paper application)

Do you want to lock in your spot? 

You want to lock in your spot?  Great, let me help you register.  Goto and hit opportunity and Join now….

The big package makes you a bronze director and increases your team commission by 50% and qualifies you for the $500 mission superstar bonus.  The middle package qualifies you for the $500 mission superstar bonus.  Which package do you feel comfortable starting with?

Next is the autoship which qualifies you as active and allows you to get paid and bank points that turn into money.

Your username is the name of your website that you can change anytime.

Hit submit and welcome to the team!  Goto and Let’s meet and plan our strategy to launch your business.  When is a good day to have your first spa party?


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