Recruit Online

Business Networking (search home-based business, business networking, etc.)


#How to Prospect from

Chamber of Commerce

Buy Leads

Real Estate Agent Ads (print or on the internet)

Ask for referrals

Ask your contacts if they know anyone that is interested in making money.

Cork Boards

Take business cards off of cork boards in coffee shops, grocery stores, etc. where people are posting up their business cards.  These people are advertising and looking to make more money.  Contact them and see if they are open to working on your business project as well.

Bandit Signs

You can advertise your business with flyers and signs.  Just be careful about the bandit sign laws in your city.

Post-it notes

You can stamp an ad for your company with a phone number and post it in places that people frequent like gas stations, elevators or light switches.

Facebook Fan Page

Create a Facebook Fan page and consider buying advertising from

Recruit from Craiglist

After you login, goto the upper right hand corner where it says “PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW” and hit See more and start adding new people and use the Craigslist tactic above to recruit them.

#How to Prospect from

Buy Solo Ads

Purchase an email advertisement in someone else’s email newsletter.

Outsource someone to cold call, lead generate or recruit

You can hire help from freelance sites but be careful because many of them will just take your money without producing any real results.

Buy Google Ads that go to your Squeeze Page Website

A squeeze page is a landing page created to solicit opt-in email addresses from prospective subscribers. See

 Make YouTube Videos that pull in Leads

Check out


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