Reasons to Quit MLM

Top Reasons Why People Quit MLM

You are now at a point where you are texting and calling your upline that you are quitting. You are feeling angry, desperate and ready to lash out. Check out below some of the top reasons you may be feeling, saying to yourself, upline or the people around you.

In general, as long as you are blaming outside factors, outside of yourself, you will not improve or grow to the point where you will experience success. Nobody starts at the top or the first in a company and gets a giant team and tons of money placed under them for free. They worked hard, trained and earned that position starting from nothing.

Stop blaming, figure out what you need help with and work on that instead.

1. My upline/sponsor sucks!
a.k.a. My upline is not a leader. My upline doesn’t call me. My upline isn’t making any money. This other upline in a different company is better. My upline said they would do something for me, but didn’t. My upline is not good at helping me recruit. My upline quit. My upline doesn’t build under me. My upline doesn’t know how to train. My upline is too busy and has no time for me. My upline didn’t teach me how to do this. My upline is too lazy. My upline bothers me too much. My upline pressures me too much. My upline doesn’t push me enough. My upline didn’t buy me something. My upline should pay this for me.

The reality is nobody can learn how to do this for you. This is truly your own business and up to you to take responsibility for your own success. Any shortcoming your upline has, look for or hire a mentor that can fill in that gap or learn how to do it on your own. Even switching to a different upline, they still won’t be able to do it for you. You will still have to take responsibility for your own success and failures.

2. I can’t afford it!
a.k.a. This is not a good time for me because of my bills. Autoship is too expensive. Packages are too expensive. Nobody can afford this. I need to use my money for something else.

Sounds like you really do need the extra money that this industry can provide. If you need a steady income, then get a job. If you need benefits, then get a job. You can get a job and do this in your spare time, at least until your network marketing income grows. Getting a job can in some ways help your business by introducing you to more people and giving you some credibility and influence in your job industry.
3. I’m not having any success!
a.k.a. This doesn’t work. I can’t do this. I am not that type of person that can have success in this. I did everything they told me to do and it’s not working. I give up! Only people that are ___ can do this.

There are 3 main skillsets to becoming successful including prospecting, recruiting and duplication. Which one are you stuck at? Find books and videos for that shortcoming and ask for help from mentors/upline or hire a coach. Everyone succeeds in a different timeline. Some people join and within 3 months skyrocket to the top ranks of a company. If this is not you, don’t get discouraged. This is not a race. As long as you finish, even if it takes year, you will enjoy the passive income you dreamed of and the reward is the same. And, as someone who struggled to the top, you will be able to relate to and help people on your team that are experiencing the same struggles.
Stay humble and grow.
4. My company sucks!
a.k.a. The comp plan doesn’t pay enough. My company is too new and not organized. My company is too old with no potential. Nobody wants the products/service. Their stuff sells cheaper online. This company is not growing. This company is not international. The leadership is not good.

The grass is always greener on the other side. Yes, the biz opp for the other company looks really good and easy, that’s because it’s a BIZ OPP. Honestly, if you don’t have the skillset of network marketing, you won’t have success regardless of the company you are in. Also, even if another company is better, doesn’t mean that people will want to follow you to it. You haven’t stuck around long enough to learn the skillsets of network marketing and people may see you as a quitter. Who wants an upline that quits? You need to grow and build a reputation for people to want to follow you.

5. This industry sucks!
a.k.a. You have to be at the top to make any money. It’s a scam. Nobody wants to do it. Only the company makes any money. The company keeps most of the profit.

This industry is time tested over decades and a way corporations can do effective marketing. Top global companies and businesses are entering this industry. Amazon has an affiliate program that pays for referrals. If you refer other people that become affiliates as well, shouldn’t you be compensated something for that referral as well? Yes there are people in every company that make a ton of money, but they earned that position with hard work, dedication, personal development and leadership. You can get there too, it just takes time, dedication and effort. It’s not free. Nobody just gets to have thousands of people under them and gets to run up on stage for a free trophy. Focus on the skillset and your time will come.
6. Nobody wants to do this!
a.k.a. I can’t talk to anyone about this. People don’t like MLM. My boyfriend told me it’s a scam and I should quit. My wife says she will divorce me if I don’t quit. My girlfriend says she doesn’t want to hear anything about my company ever again. EVERYONE I talk to doesn’t want to do this. I don’t want to lose all my family and friends.

The bottom line, you are not talking to enough people. Make your list of your entire warm market and expose all of them to the business. Yes, even the people you think won’t do this. After you run out of people to talk to, learn to prospect to add new people to your list from the cold market. If you can recruit 1 out of 10 people you talk to you are doing great. If you are recruiting 2 out of 10 people you talk to you are a pro. If you recruit 3 out of 10 people, that is near impossible.

7. I don’t have time for this!
a.k.a. I’m busy doing another project. I’m too busy at work. I don’t have time to have major success in MLM. I have too many things on my mind. This is too stressful.

You are probably feeling this way because you are not seeing results right now (go back and read #6). Only a passive income will increase your free time. And, you can just do this in the time you are willing to spare every week. Finally, there are ways to incorporate this into your daily activities like prospecting when you are out at a mixer, event, bar, getting coffee, etc. so that it doesn’t have to take as much extra time out of your day.
8. Nobody on my team can do this!
a.k.a. Everyone quits. Nobody comes to the meetings. My team blames me for their failures. My team tells me I’m not a good leader. My recruit said someone said something bad to them and now they want to quit. I’m the only person that can recruit. People are dropping their autoship. People can’t recruit without me there.

Learn to train your team. Push them to events, show them your system and have them visit your training website. Duplication is the last skillset you will master in this game.


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