Order Dead Sea Products for 50% OFF as a Preferred Customer

Order Dead Sea Products for 50% OFF as a Preferred Customer

1. Goto www.DrAllanWang.org

2.  Click on Month 1 and it will pull up the ordering menu.

3.  Click the “Add to Order” button under the package you want or select a category in the LEFT hand menu in the pic to select a different product and click the “Add to Order button under the product you want until your order adds up to AT LEAST $49 total.  Then click the SAVE ORDER button the bottom of the LEFT HAND menu shown in the pic to save your order for month 1.  You can do the same for Month 2-6 if you want or simply checkout.

For example, you can Select Packages from the Left menu, scroll down and find “The Demo” and click Add to order.

Then, you can hit Facial Solutions in the Left Menu to find the Mud Soap and Click Add to order.  Then, hit the SAVE ORDER orange button in the LEFT HAND menu shown below to at the bottom to save your order.

4. Then click the blue “continue my order” button.

5. Then click “no thanks” gray button.  Then click the orange “Checkout” button.  Then fill out the form and hit the orange “next step” button at the bottom over and over until the form is complete and hit place order.


Is your order not going through?  Check to make sure your password meets the requirements listed in the pic below.  Make sure your username is not already taken by someone else.


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