MLM Tips to Succeed

This business is system dependent. People should not depend on you after 1 year. This will allow you time freedom. Your business will grow even without you there. Create a behavior pattern that anyone can do. Get into a habit:

I distribute information to people and get out of the way. I take them to another source.

Make a list of EVERYONE you know and write them down. Systematically contact and expose to everyone what you are doing.
Don’t worry if they come on or not. The repetition of action will give you the results you desire like push-ups. There is not one person that will make or break you. The people that get it like you get it will do it like you do it. If you expose this to 1-3 people every day there is no possible way you can fail. To condense the time to half, show this to 3-6 people every day. This is the starting point. Do this now or you won’t have results! Just get on the treadmill and start running! If you don’t get on the treadmill, you won’t see results.


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