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    High concentration of minerals Dead Sea
    Gift from Cleopatra loved Earth
    It is a high concentration of minerals and skin care anti-aging product manufacturers that contain natural herbs rich in the Dead Sea produces.
    Sales 2.3 trillion yen, has the world’s largest cosmetics manufacturers of brand number 300 in partner companies, the product has been patented technology of the same manufacturer is used.
    It was founded in 2005, it has sales of 100 billion yen or more performance by store sales, in May 2011 it was switching the distribution in MLM.
    35 countries in the store sale, I will next year open in Japan as MLM in four countries and fifth MLM of the country.
    Currently we are looking for a leading agent.
    Thank you from the following inquiry form for materials and application.
  • I was born to make full use of patent nanotechnology “recover mask”, in modern, does not require a scalpel or injection is the typical product of “anti-aging”.
    Use the recovery mask of SEACRET, use before and comparison photos after 15 minutes.
  •  Presentation Video
    It is a presentation video of the Japanese translation of Dr Ho
  • Description of the compensation plan (Japanese)
    For Compensation Plan of the high rate of reduction of SEACRET, Dr. Christopher Ho has described in Japanese.
  • And Dead Sea minerals
    The Dead Sea contains magnesium chloride in many cases is effective in tightening and activation of skin.
    In addition, including the seven major types of natural minerals, it contains 12 kinds of minerals, such as a total of 64 kinds of minerals that do not exist only in the Dead Sea.
  • Product
    A great product of SEACRET we will introduce only a small part
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Japan Overview

Japan Compensation Plan

Japan Application

Japan Fast Start

    Inquiry thank you from here.

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