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Media and Reviews

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“By the end of the night I had talk to 12 groups of people. More than I had talked to in the past year! After that night my life has changed. Allan has changed my style and my inner game to the point where I’ve been able to get at least 1 to 2 numbers every night going out and now have met the girl of my dreams after being single for 2 years.”

-Mike, Las Vegas

“Training under Allan, I went from being a lonely, frustrated guy to finding and being with my soul mate, and the horizons only look better for me from here on out through his teachings!”

-Tyler, Los Angeles


“We went over material and moving groups. In field the consultants were relentlessly pushing guys into group after group. After a few self-induced early ejections, the concept of staying in set and plowing through any awkward moments began to take form. When that happened, something clicked and fire was burning bright. I ended the night staying in a well-run conversation for who knows how long. Since the boot camp I’ve been opened by shameless scores of women just because of the attitudes and body language I picked up from the weekend with the consultants. Just ask my friends. “

-Stan, Las Vegas

“He (Allan) is still modest in his achievements and is a very laid back guy overall. I would recommend any training with him in a heartbeat because he actually cares if you get better and knows exactly what you need to do to improve. “

-Tom, Las Vegas

“Allan doesn’t wear toolish clothes. He doesn’t claim to be a Casanova. He doesn’t exploit women. He isn’t necessarily a pickup artist. He is a man of conviction. For them, self-improvement isn’t exclusively about women. It’s about salvation. He has risen from the angst that people experience as contemporary human beings.”

-Alex, Los Angeles


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