How to Recruit from Twitter

Click on #Discover in the upper left hand corner.  Enter you city in the Search Twitter query box.  Find someone tweeting about your city and hit the Reply button under it.  If you are over the character limit, you can add another message under it.

Initial Message

“Hi (name)! Your status update came up in my newsfeed so I checked out your profile. We’re both from (city), have we met before? (any compliment) Love your profile pic, so funny.  Anyways, I thought I’d go out on a limb and reach out to you because I’m (executive/professional) recruiter for a (blank) company headquartered out of (Texas) and we’re expanding in the area, you seem really (any compliment) sharp..Do you have any openness to making extra money?”


Set an appointment face to face in local prospecting.

“Great! Any time this week to meet for coffee?”

“Awesome, are you around Friday at noon?”


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