How to Recruit from Facebook

Tips for Posts & Profile

1. When people join your team, post a picture of you 2 together with a caption, “Welcome (name), a (job) from (city) to the team! Excited to have you on board!

2. Include website, phone and email in your about section so they can contact you.

3. Inspirational quotes on your wall are great.

4. Include pictures with leaders.

5. Post pictures from events and trainings. “so cool I’m being shown exactly how to make money from home.”

6. updates on activities like meetings at Starbucks.  “Made 5 calls and 1 presentation.”  Take your viewers on your journey.

7. Videos on stories (company team, etc.)

8.  Recognition of your teammates.


Goto your profile and click Friends and +Find Friends. Use the Search for Friends in the right margin.  Enter the Current City.  You can search mutual friends that have value. If you recruit mutual friends, you can go back and talk to your common connection about joining.

You can message friends of friends.

You can message fan pages.

Mobile messenger app allows you to chat with people. (may be safer)

Chat with your own friends.

What to look for: Smiling in profile picture, Great to connect with younger generation, Professionals, Know a lot of  people/Pictures with a lot of friends

Initial Message

“Hi (name)! Your status update came up in my newsfeed so I checked out your profile. We’re both from (city), have we met before? (any compliment) Love your profile pic, so funny.  Anyways, I thought I’d go out on a limb and reach out to you because I’m (executive/professional) recruiter for a (blank) company headquartered out of (Texas) and we’re expanding in the area, you seem really (any compliment) sharp..Do you have any openness to making extra money?”


Set an appointment face to face in local prospecting.

“Great! Any time this week to meet for coffee?”

“Awesome, are you around Friday at noon?”


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