Girls Scout Cookie Retail Script

Make your Hot Market List

Hot market is people that love you so much they don’t trust your judgment one bit.  Your family doesn’t think and nor want you to be successful because if you succeed then they don’t have an excuse.
Sometimes when people try to recruit their hot market, they get laughed at and scorned and told to quit.  Their warm market from work often sees them as capable and more likely to want to work with them on their business but people feel embarrassed so sometimes make the mistake of turning co-workers into customers instead of recruits.
Hot market prospects make great trial customers.
Girls Scout Cookie Approach Script
Hi Aunt Susie, this is Allan.  I got involved in a business that I’m so excited about.
I’m not asking you to join or talk me out of it or be my customer.  I’m asking you to help me out.  I have a chance to advance myself to the top money making position in my company for 1 month for a contest.  I need to get 15 trial customers.  In a month, I can show you how to be a preferred customer and I can even show you how to make money if you love it.  If you don’t, you never have to do this again.  Can I get your help to advance to a really good position?
Is it that you can’t afford it or just that you don’t want to help me?
80% of your Hot market will try it once.
20% will stay on it as long as they are in the business.
This script will remove naysayers.
You have inoculated family members.  “Just try the products.  You actually have to try it cause i really need your opinion.”  Then, wait 1 month before talking about the business.

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