FREE Pick Up Artist Bootcamp and Training

FREE Pick Up Artist Bootcamp and Training

Want to learn to become a Pick up Artist for FREE?  Learn with a free LIVE bootcamp training (Value $1999) and phone consultations today (Value $97/hr) TODAY!

Dr. Allan (formerly known as Revelations in the PUA forums), trained by Mystery from VH1 the Pickup Artist personally in 2007, and professional dating coach for 3 years for companies including and has a new business plan where you will be trained for FREE.

Mystery VH1 The Pickup Artist
Mystery VH1 The Pickup Artist with Dr. Allan

Business partners will be trained with the ACTUAL bootcamp lecture given by Dr. Allan that allowed his students to be able to number close within the first 15 MINUTES of sarging in the club and includes:

  • FREE E-book OPEN LIKE A MASTER ($79)
  • Openers
  • How to Barrel Through
  • Number Closing
  • Phone Game
  • How to get 12 numbers per hour
  • Enter an industry that is 80% WOMEN
  • Learn how to pull with a Home Party
  • Learn how to AMOG and disarm obstacles AND make $$ from them
  • and MORE!!

Sound too good to be true? Not only will you be trained for free, but you will also have the opportunity to make money in our new business plan as well.

Dr. Allan's Modeling Agency at

Enter your info Today for a FREE 15 minute phone consultation to crush ANY sticking point that you may have TODAY!!  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, change your life starting now.
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