Dr. Allan Wang

My name is Dr. Allan Wang. I went to medical school in New York and I am board certified in Internal Medicine. Growing up, I have tried almost every skin care line out there. I’ve used Olay Regenerist, Olay Total Effects, Shiseido, La Mer and countless more. Almost every brand was giving me acne. I later found out because they were all using mineral oil, which clogs the pores. Unfortunately, in the United States products on the shelves at stores like Sephora or Nordstroms have to have a shelf life of 5 years and only mineral oil or creams with preservatives can last that long.

After a lot of trial and error, the only brand in Sephora that didn’t give me acne was Clinique for men. I was spending around $70-80 a month in Sephora on their face cream and toner.  Disappointingly, their face cream would dry up on my face within 6 hours of application not giving me a full anti-aging benefit. Though, picking between a weak moisturizer or getting acne for weeks from mineral oil, I picked the former.
I settled into a routine of just accepting what I thought was the best possible option, until I was introduced to Seacret. My friend Jenny invited me to the Dr. Feibi Liu’s med spa where I was given a Dead Sea Mud Mask which they pulled off with a Magnet. I bought every product in that company 20 minutes later.
I used every product in the company. I could feel a difference even with just one use. My skin felt refreshed and tighter, especially with the regular Dead Sea mud mask. I saw immediate results with fine lines on my forehead after using the Recover mask. Best of all, I could use any of the products on my face and not break out in acne regardless of how much I used. I learned from the company and Dr. Chritopher Ho, UCLA Dermatologist, that all these products are made with essential oils only that absorbs 100% into the skin and won’t clog your pores.  Also, almost every product is paraben and SLS free as well. Dr. Ho taught me that the green line contains peptides that can stimulate collagen production and relax smooth muscle. Finally, every product contains Dead Sea minerals that has a long history of many benefits.
Before using Seacret, I had a close friend tell me I looked like I was aging (only close friends will tell you the hard truth). My skin was noticeably dry, especially after drinking my morning coffee. After 3 years of using Seacret products, I ask people how old they think I am and they consistently guess 10 years younger than my actual age! I continue to try new lines that come out and quickly toss them out and come back to Seacret.  I am confident there is no better skin care line for me than Seacret because I’ve tried all the other ones from every possible store. Name it, and I have probably tried it. I am a loyal customer for life, because they are the best.
Every product is designed to show results with one use. Have anyone try their products on half their face and our products on half their face.  They will see and feel the difference. Seacret is #1, and they don’t have to take my word for it, put it to the test with your current brand and see for yourself.

Learn More About Seacret Here


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