Dealing with Negative People i

how to overcome objections
Negative people are everywhere. People are calling you stupid, saying it’s a scam, and saying or even threatening whatever it takes to get you to quit and join the rest of the herd. There’s a term for a lot of those people…they are called bullies.

First, understand that those people are not attacking you personally (even though it sounds and feels that way). They are reacting to the industry of MLM either from a negative past experience that likely has nothing to do with you or your company causing them to generalize the entire industry or they may have a negative outlooks on life. Every business idea has a ton of skeptics saying it’s not going to work, until it actually does. Don’t expect them to come back and apologize after you really do succeed. They will probably label your success as luck or a pyramid.

If you truly believe you are in a moral company, that offers people quality services/products at a REAL value (not just a perceived value), then you know your company and the way you run your business is different than the negative experiences others have had with past MLM companies. Some of your skeptics may change their mind after they are EDUCATED about what your company is really about through MLM exposures. And others, may be so negative they refuse to even take a look, in which case, you may need to just let them go.

Don’t let these people bully you out of your hopes and dreams. These skeptics will make you stronger in the long run and help you build a thick skin needed for success not just in this industry, but life in general. Stand up, not by attacking them back, but by being unaffected both in your actions, tonality, reaction and emotions. Just continue your daily method of operations and strive for your personal success. If someone is negative, let it go and talk to someone new. Negative people are a waste of time. In 6 months, their life changes and they are open to taking a look, you can decide to re-approach them then.

Don’t give up and see you at the finish line.


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