Deal with the Cost of MLM and Packages

I can’t afford this!  Why do I have to pay to get in?  This is adding to my monthly bills that I just can’t afford right now.  This is causing me too much stress having to pay a monthly autoship.

Is it really the cost or was it the expectations you had attached with the cost that is causing you to say this?  Face it, you had fancy dinners more expensive with your autoship and even some of your starter packages.  What exactly did you order 7 months ago at that fancy restaurant?  How exactly did that change your life?  What about that 3D movie for you and that significant other or black friday deals, how much money did that investment make you or add significance to your life?

People lose their entire life savings in the hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions trying to start a small business like a store or restaurant only to have a 90% fail rate over time.  What other industry can you have such a low investment, and obtain a product or service you are using yourself as a consumer in order to start a business with potential to make a significant amount of money?  You are not investing millions or even hundreds of thousands to do this business.  In fact, you probably spent more on your digital SLR camera than the largest package in your company, and how much interest did that investment bring for you and your family?  What was the return on the family vacation or trip to the amusement park?  Exactly.  Skip one of those things one time, and start a business that could change your life and the people you care about.

What’s the real risk?  The worse case scenario, you have a product or service at a discount that you use and is possibly tax deductible.  If your product or service isn’t at a true discount with a real value and not perceived, then maybe you are in the wrong company or maybe your company is wrong.

Where is this feeling coming from?  You are attaching expectations of fast , easy residual money when it actually takes work.  A typical small business might not make money for the first 3 years before they start to turn a profit, and yet some network marketers think they will be rich by the first 3 months despite the fact that many aren’t even fully trained until the 6 month or even 1 year mark.  This is a true business and takes time to build.  You are building your brand and getting trained on prospecting, recruiting and duplication.  Give it time and don’t give up so easily and quickly.  Other people have done it, you can do it too.


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