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Distributor: Hello ___________(prospect’s name)? This is ___________(your name) calling from ___________(your state).

Listen, I just have a minute… ___________(prospect’s name) I have you down as a person wanting to make money from home… so I’m wondering… were you serious about making money or were you just kidding around?

Prospect: No, I was serious.

Distributor: Great. Do you have a notepad handy? … I want to give you some information real quick before I leave.

Prospect: Um… sure. Go ahead.

Distributor: __________(prospect’s name), just so I know… how much money were you wanting to make from home anyway?

Prospect: (tells you the $ amount per month)

Distributor: __________a month?… Ok.  And again, just so I know, why do you want to make that amount of money.  What are you trying to accomplish?  (Build rapport, investigate what the prospect wants and why they want it.  Listen for their dreams and desires.)

Prospect: (Get your prospect emotionally involved in the conversation by investigating their “pain” to learn their goals and dreams.)

Distributor: Listen… __________(prospect’s name)… if I could show you how to make __________ a month and get ___________(their dreams)… would that be something to want to check out? (Place their “why” on a platter and hold it right in front of them!)

Prospect: Absolutely!

Distributor: Great! Please write down my information.  My name is… ___________, my number is ___________.

Also, I want to give you a second phone number (or take them to your website directly during the call) where you can call and get all the information about how you can make that kind of money from home. That number is ___________.

*** (Alternately, you could 3-way your prospect into a 3-5-10 minute pre-recorded business briefing while you’re together on the phone.) ***

And just so you know __________(prospect’s name), my company has quite a standard for people that we work with because as you know, it takes a lot of time and work to help a person make that kind of money from home… So take a look at the information then call me back and let’s see if we have a match or not.


Prospect: Sure.  Ok, thanks.

Distributor: Great! Well sorry to run off so fast but I have a lot of people to interview.  It was a pleasure to meet you ___________(prospect’s name). Have a great day. Goodbye

Prospect: Alright. Goodbye.

Sometimes you may have the following question thrown at you:

Prospect: Um… what kind of time and money are we talking about to get started?

Distributor: Time-wise – say 10 hours a week minimum. Money-wise – anywhere between _________ and _________ just depending on how fast you want to make money.

So does time or money present a challenge to you if you like everything you see?

Prospect: Um…no, I’m alright.

Distributor: Great!


How to Answer “Where Did You Get My Name?”

A common objection during the prospecting process is for the prospect to ask you “how” or “where did you get my name?” This is an easy objection to overcome if you know in advance what you’re doing and how to handle the objection.

Visit this blog article to learn how to quickly answer this objection and keep control of the prospecting call. Click here to view the article.


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